You may not know that we had our adoption application papers filled out and completely ready to go for about two years before we actually submitted them. 
But for some reason the timing just felt off, like our baby just wasn't quite ready for us yet.
So we waited. And we prayed. And we waited some more. 
And then suddenly the timing felt incredibly right. 
We submitted our application and then sort of assumed (and hoped, we really-really hoped) that this would all go super quickly for us.

And then when our profile was finally published and we were immediately contacted by two birth mothers within that first week it looked like we were right. 
But then those fell through, and after that everything went silent, and that silence has lasted for five months.
We keep checking our email to make sure our account hasn't been cancelled or something due to inactivity, you know, just in case that's been the problem.
And then we hear horror stories about couples who wait five whole years before being selected by birth parents (thanks mom:)) and feel both silly for thinking this is taking forever and panicky at the thought of 4 1/2 more years of waiting.
So now we are thinking we need to be a little (read: a lot) less passive in our approach.

So even though it feels mildly (read: largely) uncomfortable to put ourselves out there in such a big and public way, a link to our adoption profile is now available on the blog.
If you want to help spread the word we wouldn't mind if you linked to it on your blog too.
We wouldn't even complain if you published a little shout out on facebook or something.
We figure it could only do us good.
And help increase our chances of being found by the birth mother we hope is looking for us and the baby meant to join our family.

This is so far out of my comfort zone I just have to hit publish before I talk myself out of it!
Here goes...

** link to full adoption profile above & right here **