YAAAAY!! It’s that time of the year again... my birthday of course. :)
Speaking of birthdays, yes it’s also that time when people tease you about getting older as you add one more number to your age. Oh, well I’d like to take it in as a complement *winks. A birthday, of course means another year of piled up experiences & that makes me a year wiser (AND CRAZIERRR OF COURSE) HAHA! Uhmm, I thank God for all the discoveries, knowledge, & all the good lessons learned from the past year, & I do hope to be better in everything I do, as a person and in my work. Of course not forgetting all the not soo good experiences, as it’s a part of life. But the most important thing is that we learn from it, move on, & become a stronger person through our trials. It’s also my prayer that God will always guide me in all my endeavors in life, especially in all the difficult & uncertain times. And I thank Him for the friendships and that comes my way.
HAHA & most of all I oh so love the fact that people still tell me that I look way younger than my actual age. Hahahaha! I’m not trying to brag or anything *winks*but I guess that’s something I should be thankful as well. We should make the best out of ourselves. How can we do what God has set out for us to do if we’re negligent of ourselves.
Before I end this post I just want to say how important it is to be thankful for ourselves && everything that is granted to us. You must remember that being able to celebrate your birthday again is a huge blessing! And if you are reading this right now, please remember you’re blessed enough to have outlived some of our fellow friends -around our age and generation- who has gone before us. SO DON’T TAKE LIFE FOR GRANTED! Be kind to others, always be forgiving to others’ faults cause’ we all ain’t perfect, don’t complain about things you don’t have, don’t be stressed out too much with work or studies, laugh out loud &&smile more, hangout with friends (good friends of course, not the type that gets you into trouble), surround yourself with positive people, learn as much as you can while you still can and always strive for knowledge &wisdom; and no matter what difficulties &&challenges life throws at you, face them with patience and trust in God, and most important of all is, just enjoy what life has to offer. Well yesss, perhaps I’m really getting old for saying all of that. But these are all undeniable truths of life.
So here’s to another breathtaking year!! I hope && pray that it will stay soo awesome. I pray the same for my family & all my friends. May our Lord God preserve us &grant us a long and fruitful life.. I’m grateful for all the people in my life. THANK YOU. God bless you all!