21st Birthday 21st Birthday

YAAAAY!! It’s that time of the year again... my birthday of course. :) Speaking of birthdays, yes it’s also that time when people tease you ...

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Adoption Profile Adoption Profile

You may not know that we had our adoption application papers filled out and completely ready to go for about two years before we actually su...

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Romania Romania

Every other night or so I completely lose myself to dreams of Romania and the people I love and miss. Sometimes in my dream I am showing my ...

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Home Tour Home Tour

I've created a new home tour tab.  A couple weeks ago some people came over to shoot some pictures of our townhouse to use in a flier, a...

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New and Improved Miley Cyrus New and Improved Miley Cyrus

Turns out all Miley needs is a little help and then I am completely obsessing over these songs!  Have you guys seen these phenomenal upgrade...

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Questions to ask Adopters-in-waiting Questions to ask Adopters-in-waiting

We get loads of questions about our adoption. When I say we get loads of questions about it, what I really mean is we get loads of peop...

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Conference/Birthday Weekend Conference/Birthday Weekend

Dinner out with friends. Homemade authentic Romanian gogosi .   Pizza at midnight.  Sunday drives & walks. A couple great naps.  A coupl...

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This Time Last Year This Time Last Year

It's Ryan's birthday weekend.  (We're kicking it off with a Friday night birthday dinner out with friends)  But I keep thinking ...

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