OMG!! So,let me begin this post by saying thank you so much for everything!!!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you... becoz your existence throughout all the ups and downs of my life is reason enough for me to have written this years ago. && yet, here I am only doing this now. Why???Just because I can and I will & I am.. because you’re my best friend.

Well, I can still remember when &&can vividly remember how we first met. Hmm, what we've talked about, how you we're introduced to each other. You really know that I’m that kind of person who makes note of “unnecessary” details... It helps me prepare myself to be what you need me to be at the very moment you need me!! Hmm, if a relationship breaks apart, if a life-changing event is going to happen, nor even if you're happy. Yes, that is how we are. We both understand that all the details &&stories we share are valued just the same. That’s how much we care for each other winkss**

Thank you! because you've created an entire dimension to relationships that I have only encountered & realized w/you. You've blurred (as in...)all the lines of sisterhood with the lovers &&with friends. You are all three as I am with you.

You're my sister... There are time that need not ask you how you are doing &&yet still know that at the end of the day, you're praying for me as I pray for your happiness always. And when something comes up, I also know for a fact that you will text &I need not textyou to ask what happened or what is wrong. You will text or ask me to call you && explain tom everything, as you've done all these years. As I have also done when I needed you.

You are my lover! Haha, right?? I know that when all else fails && all forms of insecurity attacks me, you will be there to remind me that in all my flaws, I am loved. You love me enough to tell me what I did wrong &&love me enough to shower me with grace and forgiveness. You love me enough to help me move forward &grow.

You are my best friend/soulmate.. there's NO 
amount of time, distance, stages of life, or new relationships could ever change that (pls take note of these). I can say so because we’ve been through those challenges &have come out knowing that we can resolve issues &&we do find ways to always reconnect when things have been out of touch. Just like what we always say to each other, we make an “effortless effort” to remain bestfriends always.

Thank you for the unconditional love you've shown me &we've shared. For being my strength..For so so many changes we both went through.. For remaining best of friends through it all!! I thank you for understanding the concept of space,for giving words when my soul needed them, for giving silence when my words found them essential, &&for taking all the sorrow, pain, &burden that I have when tough seasons come. Thank you, even for the “unnecessary” offers you've told me you’d give up for just to remain your relationship with me but those which you value as lifelong treasures. && also you for your faith in me and in our relationship. That we could grow apart as individuals & together...

Hmm, no one. As in no one could ever write our story because no words can ever embody the gratitude I have for having met you. I love you! And i miss you so much!!