It's this, in case you didn't now, it's totally this!
As soon as we got home from church we slapped some sandwiches together and sliced some watermelon.
And then faster than ryan could change out of his black church socks we were on the road to paradise.
Where the sweetest little lake is nestled right into the mountains, and the ground is a blanket of pine needles under a canopy of even greener pine trees, where the birds practically eat watermelon out of your hands, where the air is perfumed with all that piney goodness, and nary a mosquito is in sight.
And we followed a little trail around that lake, and we set up hammocks in the shade of all those trees, and we lunched on a meal fit for kings, and we talked and laughed, and then we laid down and were rocked gently to sleep by the breeze.  
And it was one of those amazing days, where everything is perfect and the only emotion is pure and inexplicable happiness.