As I was doing laundry today this movie came on. 
The opening scene is the most brilliant portrayal of a husband wife fight I've ever seen. 
Ryan and I saw it in theaters ages ago, and although the movie wasn't a favorite, we just kept looking at each other in amazement and laughing all through the opening credits and this fight. 
Besides the Irish accent and the throwing of things it is spot on our very own fighting dynamic.
Ryan is completely easy going and non-combative and is usually laughing and making jokes while I am being insanely unreasonable, which is both adorable and utterly infuriating at the same time.

Incidentally I'd say about 97% of our irrational fights happen after 10:00 at night. 
When we are both exhausted and little things seem big and big things seem earth-shattering.
It only took us a couple months of being married to pick up on this pattern. 
So we try to go to bed early enough to avoid these exhaustion-induced arguments, or at least enforce our don't talk about it until morning policy.
By morning most things are non-issue anyways, and the real-issue things can be talked about much more rationally and much less emotionally. 
What's your fighting dynamic? Do you have a fight pattern? 
Ours is so obvious it's embarrassing.