"Summer is where the girls go barefoot and their hearts are just as free as their toes."


There is nothing more exciting than the notion of summer break. The months-long chunk of time when you have no responsibilities or any obligations. All you have to do is to enjoy. It seems perfect, doesn't it? *winks* ;) It's me being SUPER excited because school’s almost out for the summer! Ohemgee, I really can’t wait. I really think that school should go for a few days & we should have the rest of the year off.. Right now, I don’t really care how long it is though. I’m just excited it’s almost summer vacation!
I definitely want to make this summer vacation memorable."Summer, after all, is a time when wonderful things can happen to quiet people. Summer just opens the door and lets you out."

Want to know what my perfect summer day at the beach looks like?
 Ok, so I’d wake up in the province with the fresh air,  which is awesome. Then I’d meet my best friend and we’d go anywhere, we'd go to the beach and spend pretty much the whole day there! We'd go swimming. Then we’d have to get some kind of  fast food lunch.. And we definitely have to get slush or ice cream after that. We'd take lots of pictures. We could also make some kind of super elaborate sand castle (crossed-fingers). I’m not talking about the kind you make with a bucket that’s like, one foot high. I’m talking about a HUGE sand castle that’s like a big muddy mansion. HAHA! We'd also enjoy watching the sunset. At night, we'd go out and get some booze. Ooops, just a little. HAHA! 

I look forward to a breathtaking sunset – never fails to give me that sense of wonder, it excites me like when I was a child opening a gift. Sunsets always remind me to strive hard to end the day with bursting colors and worry-free: 

1. Biking - (Me & my bff - we're excited about this)
2. Going on a picnic - we need to find a place 
3. Spend time at the beach with my friends
4. Outing with my friends
5. Sleepovers
6. Play games (random games)
7. Sing loudly in a public place and count how many stares I get
8.  Run around a public place
9. Walk everywhere for a day
10. Eat ice cream - like everyday!
11. Reorganize the room of my best friend (HAHAHA)
12. Take lots of pictures
13. Water Fight
14. Play on swings
15. Be free & happy
I think this is a great way to keep yourself  from getting bored & it is a wonderful way to make summer memorable! Well you don’t have to wait for summer to make a list like this! I am making one for myself. We are in an extremely busy season of life & I barely have time to breath, let alone find the time to play. Having a list of simple things I want to do to make these next couple of months memorable gives me hope. I desire to accomplish and a strong commitment to make this summer the best one yet! I will be filling my time with sort of activities *crossed-fingers*.  So bring on the heat!