Baby Shower of my Dreams Baby Shower of my Dreams

Baby Shower Inspiration board by leah. See more unique baby shower invitations Minted  is a delightful online paper goods store. I love alm...

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The Evolution of our Lasagna The Evolution of our Lasagna

  It's components are roasted sweet potatoes, carrots, and onions with rosemary & garlic. Pureed and then layered between spinach la...

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The Bestfriend The Bestfriend

Here, this is not a post about book or writing. Hmm, this  is a post about love, opppps not the romantic kind, haha. This is a post about wa...

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Our V-Day Our V-Day

picture taken over Christmas, definitely not last night Turns out we were both sick for Valentine's day.  We spent the evening snuggled ...

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Valentines Day Valentines Day

Ryan is sick.  Kinda' disappointing and lame on Valentines Day. So I've been trying to focus on all the love and fun we've had o...

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Happy Month of Love Happy Month of Love

"Let the beauty of what you love be what you do."  - Rumi

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Engagement Pictures Engagement Pictures

This is my sister and her Beau. They let me take their engagement pictures. And because they are both so cute, picture taking was made rathe...

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Year of the Snake Year of the Snake

Yesterday was Chinese New Year.  And today is the first day of the year of the snake.  We used this as a delightful excuse to have friends o...

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The Jailbird The Jailbird

My sister was arrested.  The same one who got engaged only a few weeks ago.  So rockstar of her, right? I'd love to tell you it all happ...

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How it Feels to Try Something New How it Feels to Try Something New

Things always seem so scary and intimidating before you have done them,  and then always seem so not scary and un-intimidating after you alr...

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