"And away to his castle we'll go, to be happy forever I know"
-Snow White
-Do you believe in "happily ever after"?

On growing up, most of us heard the  "Fairy Tale"s that are usually read to children & we learned a lot from them. We learned to fear the big bad wolf, and to “stay on the path”. We learned not to go into the homes of strangers and eat their porridge or test their beds. We learned not to cry wolf, not to eat apples given to us by strangers, and we came to know that beauty lies within. We were taught to believe in magic!
But there was one thing we may have absorbed from fairy tales that may not have served us so well. We came to believe in the possibility of “happily ever after”. The prince wakes the soon-to-be-princess with a kiss, the glass slipper fits, the frog turns back into a prince and the beast becomes a prince – you know the drill. They unite and they live happily ever after.
When I was growing up, I used to dream about meeting the one, walking down the aisle and being together for a long time and being happy together. I remember many times going to many weddings with my aunt, watching the woman in her glorious white gown grace down to her prince charming, looking ever so happy. It was what I wanted; it was what I promised myself I'd find when I grew up.  I love that look people get when they’re thinking about someone they love. That dreamy eyed, surfacing smile, floatyyyyy look. I love their blinks &&& how it looks like they’re brushing stars away from their sight. I love the hesitant breathing. 

Then heartbreak came && that showed me that even though others hurt you it doesn’t mean that the next one will. No matter what you have gone through you always have to give the next person a 100% because love is a risk.You take that chance of opening yourself up and letting your walls down knowing there is a chance you could get hurt again. At the same time the reward of finding someone that makes you happy and completes you seems to out weigh that risk of getting hurt.  Remember, even the idea of a happy ending has its ups and dOwns
If you're going to ask me if i believe in "happily ever after" I would say YES. I absolutely believe in “happily ever after" with work involved.  Nothing worth anything comes easy. There will always be an issue that pops up that will need work. Doesn't mean you cant be happy you just have to work together to be happy. 
UI'm a dreamer. A lover.  A wisher. I believe in "happily ever after" & Someone who doesn't stop standing up for what I believe in.
For every that happens in world you have two choices. If there's something you can do about the problem then do it. Just making the effort to do something to solve the problem will immediately make you feel better about the problem and your worries will decrease. & the other one, if there's nothing you can do about the problem then learn to accept things for how they are and deal with it. There is no need to fret or become anxious about a situation for which there is nothing you can do. Life is what you make it. That requires effort and a fairly clear definition of "quality of life". You are the architect of your lifestyle. However, it does take two to tango as they say, so it takes two to make a life together,