“This is the new year the new you. You can pass through another year, coasting on cruise control. Or you can step out of your comfort zone, trying things you have never done before, & make 2013 as the year that you elevate from where you are & soar high. Make it happen!” 

Happy New Year!! Time for a new post! I know this is kinda late, but this post is really important to me. For me New year means, new beginning, time for second chances in life and making up for the wrong-doings. 2012 -exactly my year and I hope 2013 will be as great as 2012! :>

Here's to 2012To all the pain to all of the disasters && heart breaks. Tears & to all of the sicknesses && things that went wrong. to all of the fails && booze. to all of the bullies && all of the money we don't have. to all the embarrassing moments. to all of the let downs && things that didn't make us happy.
And here's to 2013. to all of the make ups. happiness. cures. successes. love & dreams. to all of the new people we meet. to all of the strangers that smile at us. improvements we make. to all of the new beginnings && things that are going to make us happy. hopefully this will be a good year for each of us.

I was re-reading my old blog posts & I found this.
"This year i'll make it my year- better and better, everyday, day by day. this year i'll try harder , i'll work harder, i'll play harder. I'll find that motivation that i've lost. I'll rediscover myself who wandered astray., i'll get up off my ass and make things happen instead of lazing around in bouts  of wishful thinking.  THIS YEAR I WILL BE!!!!!" - Looking forward for a better future (2011)

This made me realize how truly blessed I am & what I've accomplished for the past year. 2012 was simply out of control.  I am overwhelmed. I pinched myself all the time and thanked the good Lord for surrounding me w/ such amazing & awesome people.  I have learned this year, more than ever beforethat everything happens for a reason, and that everything will work out in the end.  I am sooo happy with life, pinch myself & regularly ask 'Is this all for real?'  2012 has been a rollercoaster ride (cliched comparison, but it’s true). I have had the best year of my whole life. I have made new friends.  dissapointed so many times, family problems on the rocks but I never stop living my life because I know just around the corner, fun and love awaits me. I fell in love (unexpectedly) & found the right person for me. 

I want to thank everyone this year. Each person that has made any impact on my life at all.  to all my loved ones, to my family, to my parents, to my great bestfriend, to my sister, to my heart & even to strangers... 

Anyways i don't wanna keep this longer, just good luck to everyone out there for the coming year. May everyones’ dreams come true and New Year resolutions go through without a hitch.. HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS!