I knit! I'm a knitter! I knit! I'm a knitter!

I've learned to knit, and it's only taken me 30 years to do it! After my 19 year old sister was knitting up a storm over the holiday...

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Checklist Download Checklist Download

I've had a few requests for a printable copy of  my daily checklist . You can click the above image or right  here   to download your ve...

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Weekends are my Favorite Weekends are my Favorite

    These days I am lucky if I see my husband for an hour or two at night. It is his last (and busiest) semester of grad school. He works 40...

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checklists checklists

On a daily basis I jot down to-do lists accompanied by boxes in which to place a checkmark upon completion. I love putting checkmarks in tho...

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wedding details wedding details

pictures are not my own. click the image to find the source. Details like these are making me want to plan another wedding.  I wish we could...

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Weekend Approaching Weekend Approaching

Friday came so fast this week! Midweek holidays do speed the week along don't they? I've got my hopes up that this weekend will incl...

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Valentines Day - Feb 15th Valentines Day - Feb 15th

We decided to push our Valentines celebration back a day.  (Ryan worked late and I nursed a sore throat on the actual holiday.) So last nigh...

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Spa Night Spa Night

This night felt like a flashback to high school when getting ready was an event in and of itself. You know, when you'd invite over girlf...

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Post-its are the new love letters Post-its are the new love letters

I melted when I saw this giant pixalated-ish post-it message in the stairwell this morning. I melted even more when I got downstairs and was...

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Galentines Day Galentines Day

Yeah, it's a thing. It's kind of like Valentines day, but for the girls. Here, I'll just let Leslie Knope explain. And just like...

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Breakfast this Morning. Breakfast this Morning.

I have tried quinoa prepared in a lot of different ways -- my dad even puts it in his multi-grain pancakes and in stuffing -- but this morn...

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Gee Officer Krupke Gee Officer Krupke

Hey sibs, do you guys remember that one day when we spent the better part of the morning with this song (from the westside story soundtrack)...

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dirty little love note dirty little love note

 A note from Ryan inscribed on my dusty bedside table -- super sweet. Also, I think I may need to clean our room.

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I should run you a hot bath & fill it up with bubbles I should run you a hot bath & fill it up with bubbles

Pictures from here & here . I have determined that sometime today I will absolutely be making time for a cup of tea and a bubble bath. ...

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You're Okay You're Okay

listen to this, it will most assuredly make you cry. Although these days, my own reaction is nothing to go by.  This last week has been a ha...

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Let the month of Love begin! Let the month of Love begin!

But I always think, the best way to know God  is to love many things. -Vincent Van Gogh The first time I read these words I was skimming a b...

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