I always wonder why birds stay in the same place when they can fly anywhere on earth. Then i ask my self the same question?

I know there are days when I get a little ahead of myself. I know my life has taken a complete 180 in the last few years. I know sometimes this city can get the best of me, but I definitely try to keep myself grounded by remembering where I came from. 

Well, again I’m just making more personal post, something with more substance, and more about me. ;)
Let's see. In the last two years I’ve gotten to know myself a lot better. I closed myself off quite a bit. After having my heart broken, I had to remember how to stand on my own two feet again, and I was so tired of it all, the boys and the feelings and the rejection and pain. I’d had enough of it. I’d decided to focus on myself, and that part of my heart that opened up to people, that let people in where I could trust them, was closed off. I grew a lot closer to people I didn’t get to see often enough .I thought I’d figured out exactly what I wanted to do with my life at least three times, only to change my mind after a few months. I’ve come to realize that I can never know exactly where life is taking me, and that’s okay. I still like imagining the future though.I reevaluated a lot of the relationships I had with people around me. A lot of friendships ended up going to the wayside, which I’m sad about, but I think it was necessary. I also made some great new friends.

Just in the last few months  I've opened myself up to falling in love and being loved in return. I've decided to give all my trust, love to someone & now I'm happy . I made the best decision ever.. I guess this is my fate, to love & be with him for the rest of my life.  Our relationship is like a roller coaster... there is going to be many Up's and Down's, Twists and Turns, but in the end.. I know we'll make it.  I’ve  also come to realize certain things about myself and the way I think. I’ve grown up a lot. And I’ve stayed very childish in other ways. That’s life.

It’s weird how much you can change in under just a years time. You look back on who you used to be, wondering who that person actually was. And you marvel at the changes that took place and the changes soon to come. You just live your life hoping and waiting for that inevitable change to come and gradually mold you into who you really are.
People can change. I think people should try on as many hats as they can. People should try to change. It’s only through the failed attempt to be something different than you were last year, last month or yesterday that you find either the tenacity to be something “you’re not” or the pride to be something you are. I’ve grown up, I definitely understand a lot more now that I didn’t understand before and I’ve found myself and all that I am. I now know my goals for the next four years and I know how to deal with these crazy people and I know how to love and how to handle pain and I just have emotionally grown after going through a lot physically, emotionally and mentally.
Yes, I have changed. I changed because I wanted to better my situation. I want to live my life according to how I see it. And if that means that I have to change in order to accomplish my goal, so be it. We only have one life to live. Although I have changed, I never forgot where I came from or who I am. I am me and only me. But simply because I have changed in order to better my life and now we do not see “eye to eye”, does not mean that I have changed for the worst, It just means that I decided to follow with the process of growing up.. learning of whom I want to be, what I”m passionate about… and be able to enjoy and experience all the opportunities that life has to offer, rather than mope and complain about how my life sucks.

Change is necessarily for growth.  Change not for the worst, but for the better.  
You are not perfect. I am not perfect. No one is perfect. We all learn, we all grow, and we try to be the best person we can be. Are you really so ignorant to think that there is nothing you need to change to become a better person? Or have you just given up all hope that you could ever be more than you are right now? I personally believe that I will continue to grow, learn, live, laugh, and change throughout my entire life. Bring positivity into your world, and cast negativity out.

And at the end of the day, you'll realize that the change was for you, and not for anybody else. :>