Cheating: one of the most repulsive things a person can do in a relationshipIt’s selfish, cruel, and unnecessary.Well, it’s pretty unacceptable any way you look at it. At least give the decency to break up with the one you’re with before you pursue another right?? . Cheating is a pretty selfish thing to do. You are trying to reap the benefits from the situation and in what you are doing when it is only going to hurt others. If you even care about the person you are with, you would at least let them go before you hurt them.

Cheating makes me sick. . If you don’t like your current partner anymore, fine then, break up with them, but don’t ever try to string them on by going out with someone else behind their back.  If you aren’t satisfied with your relationship and seek your desires in another, change your status. Regardless of what either partner has done, cheating is wrong. It is the most disrespectful and dishonest thing someone could do to the one that they love, or supposedly love. It breaks the trust, the bond that you had with that person, and you have to live with the fact that you cheated for the rest of your life.  

I don’t understand why you would cheat on someone that you gave your heart to. They trust you, and you’re going to throw away that trust for someone else?  Helloooooo, plus, if you don’t feel for your significant other anymore, why don’t you just tell them? Break up with them if so! So what if you ‘don’t want to hurt them’? Hello! Cheating on them is 98766523234239382476925x worse than just telling them you want a break up. It shows that you’re a coward and a disrespectful jerk.
Cheating feels like betrayal. I think cheating shouldn’t happen, but unfortunately it does. People get hurt and if you keep pretending to love that person, you should just tell them before they find out. Sometimes, I really just wanna know why people think it’s ok to play people. Like, for real. I just wish, for once, someone would take a step back and think about how they’re treating other people. How can they so carefreely handle liking someone when they already have a gf/bf? Why would you try to make a move on someone when you’re in a relationship? It doesn’t even make sense… And then if they are caught cheating they would say that it was just an accident, like oooops i've tripped  blah blah blah. Seriously? *raised eyebrows. It’s not worth giving up someone you’ve been involved with for years just for someone new who makes you feel “different.” But, sometimes, if you can’t handle the situation you are currently in, it means it’s time to move on, but first, you have to decide whether or not you are willing to work on it or break up with that person.
For the girls out there, remember this, never settle for being someones "other" when you have the potential to be someones "only".

I don’t like cheaters. I am not one and I’m not planning to be one either. Cheaters must have a lot of guts to go out and be with someone else while they’re with someone already. I’m inclined to say “shit happens” and sometimes people are unaware of their actions.
To my dear friend , don't worry. We're here for you.