European outings should not be taken too lightly or embarked upon without some sort of objective and purpose.
And so ours was excitedly decided upon while riding the train full speed toward our destination.
Our goal would be to taste something delicious in every village.
We would eat our way through Cinque Terre.
And ate our way through we did!

Pesto focaccia Pizza in Riomaggiore.
Pesto lasagna & spaghetti in Manarola.
Margarita pizzette and ciabatta in Vernazza.
Gelato in Monterosso.
Panini (& more gelato) in Milano.
Ryan even tasted a hand full of the salty water of the Mediterranean Sea long before we went swimming in it just to be sure of it's saltiness.
And a few other tasties were thrown in there for good measure.
Here's proof - as if you needed any.
best thing I ate there for sure. I was thinking of you, you would have been in heaven.
Look Mom, all the pizza is square. Turns out you were doing it right all along and didn't even know it!
second best thing I ate. can you see how crispy the broiled pesto top is? and the brown stuff isn't chocolate, it's a balsamic reduction. I'm salivating. 
Pesto anything was hands down my favorite.
The pesto from this region was to die for.
I don't know what exactly they do differently but it puts all other pesto (which I love) to miserable shame.

It was a delightful way to experience these coastal villages.
Not just because it was delicious (which it most definitely was) or because it added another dimension to our sightseeing (which it most definitely did) or because it was a lovely way to meet and speak with locals (which it most definitely was) but because these pizza and bread making artisans were up and baking at 3:30 in the morning to stock their shops.
So it seemed only appropriate to reward their dedication to their craft with our recurring solicitation.