-you've come too far to do that ;)

Sometimes in life , we give our hearts to people && they take advantage of it, realizing that some of your friends turned out to be your worst enemies && give up on everyone and trust no one but yourself. Sometimes you are just so stressed out to the point where you just cry until your grasping for breath. Things like this happen to the best of us, sometimes you just have to consider. to yourself that life isn't easy, these challenges make you a much stronger and better person && once you begin to overcome this life will be so much easier in the long tun 

I’ve been through so much crap, i mean really , but I feel as if it has all happened for a reason.  I never let myself break down and give up, and I think if you stay strong you will and can get through anything.  I know someone who's going through something hard today * just plsss know that everything happens for a reason and you won’t know what that reason is until long after.. I had to go through the hardest years of my life to get here, but it is so worth it.  I love my life as it is now and I am not ashamed of anything that has happened to bring me to the place in my life that I’m at now.  I want my experience to bring hope to you. I know you simply have no idea why something happened to you. I can’t tell you why it's happening, but I can tell you that in the end, it works out better than you could have imagined as long as you STAY STRONG.

Everytime you fall down, you get back up and the cycle goes on. After a while you just simply learn to make yourself happy whenever you feel down and I believe that is what shows the world that you are brave enough to keep fighting for your happiness. That’s being fearless!

‎”God will promote you to the level of your tolerance of pain.” Remember, God never brings you something that you can’t handle, that you cannot take. He’ll NEVER put you through trials that you can’t bear. He won’t give you more than you can handle.. But He WILL challenge you, not to harm you, but to strengthen you!..IF YOU LET HIM. Just trust in Him, and He will guide you! Don’t worry sweetheart, hold your head up high because he has plans for you!  
The thing is staying strong isn’t easy and you might relapse. You might  hurt, abused, told off. But you must stand strong. There is a light at the end of the tunnel and I want you to be around to find it.