“People in pain don’t always see things as clearly as they should.”— Nicholas Sparks (The Best of Me)

I have this good friend who's basically 'love-sick', over-the-top. But no matter what he does, good and majorly bad, he can't seem to control himself to fall even more. Yupp, i know we've heard love is blind. Typical same old story boy-meet-girl-then-he-falls-too-much-harder-than-her.

Don't get me wrong, i'm not sharing his story to all of you guys... just to give your pity on hhim or what a loser my friends is when it comes to love. I'm sharing this (which i have his blessing) because i truly admire him... to love without expecting anything in return even if he'shurting 10x worse. For me those kind of guys are truly strong and lucky is the RIGHT girl who can have him.

Almost every week we talked, to catch up with what's happening to our lives, we banter, we joked, basically we're what you called goodfriends.  His name's MAC HAHAHA :)

The girl that he's super in love with is confusing, one day she'll show him that he's all the she can think of and then the next day she'll treat him like a total stranger. They never got to the point to have a formal relationship. She's Ms. Mixed Signals so my friend becomes Mr. Second Thoughts.  The nerve!!I guess there are really those kind of person who plays with other people's feeling.The girl knows what my friend feels about her but she doesn't care. What kind of a girl is she? Hey if you don't like him, i think it's best to tell him straight! Truth hurts, but pretending is worse.

My friend is a very kind and he needs to learn to stand up for himself and try to make himself happy rather than her and everyone else all the time because it's only making him depressed and that's draining him physically, mentally, and emotionally. I guess, It's time for a change.

But i won't push him if he can't do it yet, i mean he knows i'm always  here for him, all of his friends. for me girls come and go but true friends are forever. The girl you might like now doesn’t notice you at all. But i'm sure, as in really sure one day, a girl will notice you , wink*. & all of your imperfections is what she will think makes you the cutest. She'l laugh with you, smile at you. She will like you && and all of the sudden fall in love with you. This is the kind girl you will get , i'm sure. So as for right now.. It’s okay that you didn’t get the girl today, cause the girl you will get in the future will be way better. I think it's nicer to know that if everything doesn't go the way that you want them to at least you have friends out there who can help you carry the burden. (: