There are so many lovely, convenient, perfectly travel worthy but not quit justifiably necessary goods out there I'd drop money on in a second if we had some extra lying around.
They've made their way onto a pinboard labelled For Europe.
It should instead be labelled what I wish I had for Europe.
A girl can dream!

  1. A pretty paperback copy of one of my favorites which also happens to be set among the Swiss Alps
  2. This nautical collapsable backpack for day trips
  3. Some dry shampoo for the inevitably long plane & train rides
  4. A grapefruit colored loop key chain specially for our Swiss apartment keys
  5. Intax mini film
  6. some black and white 35 mm film
  7. a camera strap in blue or red, I can't decide which I love more
  8. This green fouta as a scarf, travel blanket, beach towel, picnic blanket, and tablecloth. So pretty and functional.