Call it a short-term move or long-term working vacation, either way we are actually going - our flights are booked and everything.
 Can you tell exactly where it is we are headed? 
No? You cannot see it clearly? The pictures are too small you say? All to build anticipation my friend. 
It's to Switzerland -- Switzerland! -- and we are ecstatic! (to say the least).

Our next three months will be spent nestled up against the Swiss Alps, Lake Lugano, and the Italian border in a city a bit bigger than the one we live in now.
I will be teaching English at a boarding school, Ryan will be continuing his current employment from afar, and we will both be spending every spare minute adventuring and soaking up as much of the Swiss surroundings, Italian language, and foreign cheeses and chocolates as possible.

Right now it all feels completely surreal and beyond my full comprehension. 
I am kept awake at night trying to calculate just exactly how many times we will take the 50 minute train ride to Milan Italy for Gelato and exactly what I should pack that will appropriately serve the needs of all our impending excursions.

It should be noted that anyone who sends us packages while we are abroad will be rewarded when we return with their weight in the finest Swiss chocolate! 
If not your actual weight at least the weight of a small dog. Or a large mouse. 
Either way you will never regret it.