"I never planed on falling in love. It just happened."

Yeah, I  believe there are far too many types of love to put a solid definition on it. People feel it at different times, for different reasons, in different intensities, and that love is something that can grow and flourish or slowly dwindle away depending on the kind of relationships people have with others. Everyone loves differently & it's not a choice. Love happens to you…whether you like it or not  ;">

If you really think about it, when you describe being in love you think butterflies, warm fuzzy feeling, happiness,and so on. But really, It’s impossible to describe. Words cannot describe love and falling in love.
 One day you’re just making small talk, so on and so on. & you realize that you’ve never been happier. But it’s a process and yet time just flies by.
You’re falling and you don’t even notice it.
Then all of a sudden it hits you. It hits you that this person has suddenly become such a large part of your life and you don’t even know what you were doing before this. 
 When it comes to love we don’t know how else to describe except it’s so wonderful! Which is absolutely true!  Wen you hear about it you think wow that’s great. But when you experience it, you are just speechless. :)

 The best relationships are the ones you didn't expect to be in; The ones you never saw coming. 

The kind of love that takes you away from everything, that love from a person makes you feel that as if no one can hurt you && makes you feel safe. A bad day can be turned all around because of that one person and makes you feel incredible and unstoppable. When you're together nothing else matters. Love that makes you feel it in your heart that there is more to life and nothing can keep you down. This love makes you scared to make mistakes, because you don’t want to mess it up.. 
Don’t take the word “love” so lightly. Love is a powerful emotion and with that said, it can hurt people too. 

Let actions speak out. Actions by far speak louder than words. Don’t be afraid to love completely and with all  of your heart. Being deeply loved by someone gives me strength, while loving someone deeply gives me courage.