Throughout life you will meet one person who is unlike any other. You could talk to this person for hours and never got bored, you could tell them things and they won't judge you. This person is your soulmate, your best friend. Don't ever let them go.

Have you ever felt like you were just really meant to be with somebody? Like your whole life was just kind of this big mess that just kinda kept happening up until the day when this unbelievable person came into your life, and then suddenly, you know, you didn’t feel so lost anymore.You felt like everything you thought you’d been doing wrong in your life, you’re actually doing it right. Your soul mate is someone who will make you be the most YOU that you can possibly be.

Ever since I met my best friend almost 6 years ago, I just knew she was my soul mate ( NON-ROMANTICALLY) HAHA! I had never been so intrigued by a person who I barely knew. I wanted to know her & wanted her to know me. There was just something special to my best friend and I wanted her to be with me forever. I honestly never believed in destiny/fate or soul mate until that very moment she walked into my life.*winks* One thing I've learned the past week, no matter how broken and messed up in the head your past makes you, one day, maybe someday really soon or maybe in a few years, as long as you keep waiting you will find the one person. The one person who can make you feel better just by being around, the one person who’s smile makes you stop being cynical, the one person who can make you feel more positive about living and help you :) 

"Soul mates by definition are two complete strangers who meet unexpectedly in life and feel this unbreakable bond which hides true love and the wiliness to find each other in life. When God made us, he made us complete and pure with no ounce of sanity or hate in our soul. He cut us in half and separated us to two people and the purpose of true love and the meaning of your soul mate is to find your other half, it will take time but if the person has faith, courage and desire to find it then god will find the best time to show him or her the path in order to find his or hers other half or soul mate." 

Whether a friend, best friend, family member, partner, lover, older or younger. You must never let them go because the chances are, they have been waiting to find someone like you along as you have been waiting for them. And no matter if you argue and fall out for a while the most amazing thing is you will always be okay again :)

Sometimes I just sit and think about how lucky I am. Some people spend their whole life searching for their soulmate, and I’ve already found mine. I couldn’t be happier :) So please always remember, however hard life gets and how much you want to give up. There is someone out there waiting to help. Or maybe you already have met then just neither of you have realized how much you need each other yet. Hold on.
You find strength in knowing you have a best friend at the same time your soul mate.