Yes sure, we are not supposed to be counting & counting the hours, days, months, or years being together, but are supposed to be gathering experiences with each other, TOGETHER. Right? :) 

4 months ago we started our MOUSEPIG FRIENDSHIP, we were just CRAZY & too  shy to say much at all. We even argue and fight almost everyday. But things have changed. On the past months, we were getting to know each other, better and so much better.  We've been through so many ups and downs  . We talked about what we should do to make this friendship last! We became much more open with each other, we began to talk about things that we don't usually do when we first started this friendship ,I'm happy with what's happening to us right now. Our bond is extremely special. It is unique in it's own way. Thanks for understanding me. I hope you'll continue doing this, and of course I'll also do my best to make you happy. Months of sharing my so called KABALIWAN with you . You are really something or should I say,  amazing in your own unique way. I’ve never been this satisfied with my life. When I’m remembering my high school days with you, I started to smile and laugh to think that, we are a group of friends that time but all we do is to be together. HAHA! :))  Some may think that it is a boring and plain kind of friendship but believe me, those moments with you without talks are worth remembering and it gives me the feeling of being lucky to experienced those silent moments. Things change, you changed and I changed as well but for the better.There’s nothing more to wish for. You are everything to me and more, and i could never express  that enough. Woaaah, this life is treacherous journey and you know that without you here with me it would be even more tough. The story of our friendship will continue to grow, with each passing day. I trust that with you by my side everything will be okay. I'm so blessed to have you. You are really dear to me. I will love you until the end and will always be there for you. No matter what & that's for sure. I love you best friend. 6 years of friendship with you & 4 months of MousePig FRIENDSHIP with you is really AWESOME!