"Someday many years from now, We'll sit beside the candles glow Exchanging tales about our past And laughing as the memories flow And when that distant day arrivesI know it will be understoodThat friendship is the key to live And we were friends and it was good." - Eileen Hehl

Soo I’m just making a more personal post, something with more substance, and more about me.

I’ve had a really hard time deciding on this, HAHA!…and I’ve gone through a lot of memories. Okay! Just tonight....( after talking to my best friend on the phone ) while I was on my way home listening to music "One Friend" by Dan Seals played on my ipod.  I don't know ,but everytime i hear this song it reminds me of only person, my best friend! Listening to it made me so sad,why??  Because I miss her so much && I can't stop myself thinking about the fun times we had together. My Trooperrr. The reason that I’ve made it through the last few years. My rock and my solid ground. The person I think of when things are tough, when I need happy memories to get me through.  

I believer SUMMER is when the best memories are made. 
Summer 2012 in Boracay! Every second of it was amazing. I wouldn’t go back and change anything. I had a cute time, and I had a blast.I think the best time was when the misunderstanding between me and my best friend was clarified. Since then everything fell into place. Well, honestly I think I've already cried my hardest that night. HAHA :) The cuddling, the wrestling, laughter & tears, whenever I think of it, i still laugh. Every moment was an adrenaline rush. It just reminds me why I love my life so much. 

You know what, angry and fearful thoughts and feelings take us away from our own path... our own purpose. But a straight path doesn´t admit compromises. This negative thoughts strip us of our power and ability to act effectively. If we think fearful thoughts we become afraid and act defensively. This pushes away other people and other possibilities away from us. And so we become lonelier and more afraid.
The route to a happier life is through happy thoughts. Not just because they make you feel better immediately... but because happier thoughts give you a stronger and more stable foundation to your life. You are in control rather than being bounced around by life.

Boracay. 2012. Summer. A real stolen shot. Facial Expression of Happiness. HAHA! :) I will never ever forget this!This photo is one of my favorite memories ever. So this is my best friend, my sister (non-biological sister), but I pretty just consider my sister I never had. I've never wanted more from her than what she'd given me. This year, we have had our ups and downs, and I’m pretty sure we’ve gotten in a record number of fights. I tried to push her out of my life..somehow she is pretty much stuck around in my life. I can see it now. the future haha. i can see the endless nights between us, of just being. i can see me getting married one day && YOU! yeees you being the first one down the aisle because you’ll be my maid of honor :p . i can see you in the waiting room while i’m giving birth to my first child. i can see your face when i tell you that you’re the god mother. i can see you my children always putting the word aunt before your name, i can see driving to your house when i’m thirty and need a night with you. i can see us growing old, you as my best friend, never regretting a piece of our lives. i can see death, i can see myself being buried next to you, as morbid as that is. you have always, always made me okay. you are always going to make me okay. :D