The handsome guy that you've been dating, who 
I got a feelin' he's gonna put you down

- Jerry Butler

Sometimes, I mean most of the time we became just like this to our friends && always thought we know everything when comes to love. HAHA! admit it!!! :) We used to judge someone by the way they look, esp if they are running down to our precious friends. 

I really hate seeing my friends hurt , most esp my best friend. It's at this moments I just feel too helpless.  I can’t usher in a resolution.I really wanna do something to lessen their pain/ make them feel better. I want to find a solution to make the pain just disappear but can think of no magic to do so. I feel small because these situations make me see how big the world is and how complicated. It suck all around.  It kills me, cause whatever I say will be their second choice. Cause it seems like their mind is always right when they're in love. Those are the times those still moments where you can do nothing but be present. 

So why this post pains me??? It's because of my best friend. Who is having the exact problem. I keep giving her advices .But at the end of the day, those advices that I gave seems to not reach her at all. I can't stand to see her hurting, I find myself in a familiar place. But I am  not the same person standing there. And that is the most important difference. Just so her know, i'll always be here for her. 

"It doesn't really matter who you are, at some point in time you have been emotionally hurt. No one has a perfect life. Everybody gets hurt. But we all get at least one good thing out of being hurt, we learn from it. With the lessons we get from the pain of being hurt, we are able to grow and actively seek new relationships which are healthier and more constructive. We look for and appreciate people who treat us the way we wish to be treated"

This is for you : I know how you feel; disappointed, stupid, and foolish. Just when you think he could be everything you ever wanted, he turns out to be someone you never thought he'd be. It hurts to know you let your walls down for nothing but TRUST ME I know how it feels. I know how it hurts. I know you cry in the shower so no one will hear your screams. I know you wait until everyone goes to sleep to fall apart. Its not always easy but I know exactly what that feels like. I hate seeing you hurt so badly that I have prayed that I could carry the pain for you. You don't deserve to be hurt. But I am giving you my faith. Keep in mind that I'll always be here for you. I'LL FIGHT WITH YOU BECAUSE WE'RE BEST FRIENDS, FOREVER!  :)