A picture one of our primary kids, Jacob, drew for me.
For some reason it never ceases to delight me.
I find myself loving their little armless roundy-bottomed bodies and enormous grins.
I want to make it into stationary and pass it along to help cheer people up.
Pictures like this more than make up for any number of implications that I could be mistaken for one of their grandmothers.

We teach the five year old sunday school class in our church. 
It is equal parts sweet, entertaining, and so hilarious.
Yesterday we talked about how Heavenly Father helps missionaries.
Seeing as we have both served missions we brought pictures of both of us in order to illustrate a) that there are both male and female missionaries and b) what sort of attire each wears while serving.
When I showed my missionary picture one of the 5-year-old girls gasped saying "Oh look, you were so young!"
This is the same lesson that will later be remembered for one wee chap accidentally calling me grandma. Twice.
Talk about hit to the ego.