"Maybe some women aren't meant to be tamed. Maybe they just need to run free till they find someone just as wild to run with them." -Sex in the City "No time to marry, no time to settle down. I'm a young woman, and I ain't done running around."

Time flies flies & flies, it's been 7 months since my last relationship ended & since I've decided to make my love life a forbidden topic, well my close friends probably knew it. This latest post is not about ranting or being so miserable, HAHAHA! Cause actually I'm the happiest girl alive *winks. I'm  not even dating anyone or seeing anybodyyy . I'm so proud to say that I'm single by choice. I'm not  also sad, I still have my friends & my best friend and that's enough. I'm happy though because I'm learning life through the hard way with no one else but myself...

Whether choosing to be single, or in between relationships, you can build a terrific life as a single person. In fact, if you are in between relationships and want to attract true love, having a terrific single life is just the thing to do.
Some singles put their focus on the fact that they are single and end up unhappy, dissatisfied and looking for meaning in their lives. Others almost give up having a satisfying relationship and bury themselves in work and busyness.

Many singles believe either openly or secretly that they cannot be truly happy without a relationship. Guess what, I'm not one of them. HAHAHA! 
Single or not, this is my life, my only life. This is not a dress rehearsal for my life or a waiting room for my next relationship, but my life, now. The surest way to have a happy life is not to get into a relationship, but to build a life full of meaning and satisfaction. As a bonus, when you do get happy in your life, you will very likely effortlessly attract a great partner.

I feel like I have already come to a new level of maturity, with the realization that I am thankful for every past relationship.

I'm not angry of course, upset or whatsoever w/ any of my ex’s. (this is really funny) I know now how much time & energy I've wasted. Truth is that no matter the reason for the end of those relationships, I am now a changed person. Yeah! *APPLAUSE**
To be truly happy as a single, you need to redefine yourself as single by choice, at least for now—someone who doesn’t just settle for anyone. Along your journey as a single person, you’ve probably had your fair share of groan-worthy relationships. Use that knowledge to your advantage and (re)discover all the ways it’s better to be single and happy than stuck in a rut with a dud. 

Now that I’m single, I have lots of opportunity to do all the things I put off while I was putting all my energy into my relationships. I really have to believe that I will eventually have the things I lost, but for now I’m taking this time to enjoy myself and complete myself. I'm very happy to say that I have a supportive mother and sister. I’m also fortunate to have wonderfully nice friends and a best friend who supports me and always ready to listen to all my dramas. I know for sure I can always share my happiness and sorrow with them. 
"Being single is a choice thank goodness and being happy...well, happiness is a state of mind. If you're not happy with yourself, being married or single, won't make a difference."