“Jealousy isn't a pleasant quality, but if it isn't overdone (and if it's 
combined with modesty), apart from its inconvenience there's even something touching about it.” - ― Milan Kundera
Jealousy may seem harmless if it is kept in check. It can get out of hand far too easily though. It has cause the breakup of many relationships through the years. That is because of the many negative effects that it has on relationships. It is usually the result of insecurities felt by the person who feels it. These feelings can often be unfounded. That is why it is important to know the difference between normal feelings of jealousy and over reaction.

I am not the first to write about this. I’m not the second, tenth or probably even the eleventh to type out my thoughts and feelings about blogging jealousy. I am also pretty sure that many people have written about it far more eloquently than I am about to.

Jealousy is natural, but it’s certainly not a trait we like to admit to having. I don’t know about you, but I get jealous, sometimes! lol *winks ;) It occurs in romantic relationships but it can also occur in work relationships, friendships, family relationships or in almost any human interaction.

What makes you jealous?
The first thing we must do when we feel jealousy is to seek to understand why we are jealous. What is missing in our lives that makes us feel jealousy to begin with? We also must realize that Satan loves a negative, jealous person.
If jealousy is not addressed when it comes up in relationship some or all of these possible effects may emerge. Jealousy can lead to physical and emotional distress for the person feeling it. It puts a strain on the relationship potentially distorting communication and the freedom of both partners. In extreme cases it can lead to verbal or physical abuse both within and outside the relationship.
Without trust, communication, or respect, then love cannot even save a relationship where jealousy rules. There is a point where the person who is the object of the jealousy must make a decision. The green eyed monster is the destroyer of relationships. It destroys trust, communication, and finally the love.
Despite all the benefits of jealousy, please remember it is only helpful if you can control your response to it. I thoroughly promote jealousy in both concept and in application, but you must control how you respond. When jealousy flares up like it was naturally meant to do, to alert you of something happening in your relationship, you must respond. How you respond is usually what gives jealousy its negative connotation.  
The most important thing to remember is that you should never let anyone tell you jealousy is a bad thing, it isn't. The reason so many people feel it is a negative emotion is due to some of the abusive or aggressive responses that have resulted. Violent outbursts are sure to make people believe jealousy is bad. But, what is not considered is that the outburst isn't jealousy any longer; it is the uncontrolled response of fury or rage. Jealousy has only done its job by alerting you of potential danger. Jealousy must be good, some of the most famous beings in history have admitted to being jealous;