Coping With Arguments Coping With Arguments

"Life is too short to argue with the one you love. Too short to make them upset. Too short to say something wrong while mad and t...

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Slowly but Surely Slowly but Surely

This  was no joke. We are having a yard sale tomorrow, and are getting rid of so much stuff! I have a weekly cleaning routine, each day is f...

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Make Way, Headache Coming Through! Make Way, Headache Coming Through!

More like noise than actual pain, like constant incessant noise. Distracting all attempts to focus, loud enough to drawn out even the deepes...

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Herbivores Herbivores

Fresh herbs are on the horizon. Literally. They are stationed atop our windowsill at eye level. I bought them on a whim at the grocery store...

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Oh! How We Celebrated! Oh! How We Celebrated!

We observed the graduates at commencement - pretending to be among them - then changed into clothes more befitting the deliciously sunny spr...

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We've Graduated Before, Today we're Doing it Again We've Graduated Before, Today we're Doing it Again

This time three years ago we graduated as undergrads together. Tomorrow we'll once again don cap and gown (unofficially - we decided not...

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