Our Weekend Our Weekend

Her tongue is out in nearly every picture. It's killing me. This girl knows how to play hard! We baby-sat this hilarious tyke on Friday....

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Lemon, Apricot, Basil Cream Cheese Pancakes Lemon, Apricot, Basil Cream Cheese Pancakes

What, you haven't met? Allow me to introduce you. Cream cheese pancakes, meet reader.  Reader, meet your soon-to-be new favorite breakfa...

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There is a gradual evolution going on right now in our living room. On a dime Ikea can make any room look just a little bit better.

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One Night in Provo One Night in Provo

Armed with a polaroid camera my recently done-with-school-for-the-summer sister and I took on Provo. Above all the exploring, touristing, ph...

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Holocaust Remembrance Day Holocaust Remembrance Day

It's today you know.  And I cannot think about the Holocaust without also remembering my first exposure to it. Being in second grade and...

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Spring Cleaning Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning for me feels more like this incessant urge to re-do, replace, and remodel every inch of our home to better suite our current...

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Dirty Laundry Dirty Laundry

Today is laundry day. Even with just two people it's incredible just how much dirty laundry we can create over the course of a week. And...

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Green Scarf Green Scarf

I bought some fabric dye and breathed new life into an old scarf . These are the kinds of things you do when you are recently graduated from...

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Friendly Visit Friendly Visit

Lucky us, our old friends are back in town visiting for a couple days. Naturally we will be fitting in as much talking, laughing, playing, e...

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A Little Poetry & some Flowers A Little Poetry & some Flowers

Easter flowers from my very favorite youngest sister. Today is a day like any other: twenty four hours, a  little sunshine, a little rain.  ...

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Feeling Eastery Feeling Eastery

We spent Sunday with  my sister  teaching primary, hiding and finding easter baskets, eating romanian sarmale and mamaliga, deserting on ban...

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Prophetic Counsel Prophetic Counsel

This last weekend was our church -wide general conference. Ryans grandpa got us tickets so we watched the Sunday afternoon session live.  I ...

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