One of the biggest drawbacks about living a combined 2142.4 miles away from both our families is the shocking lack of visitors. Having guests is a rare treat that occurs far too infrequently, and is almost never long enough. So when we get grandparents driving all this way and staying with us for not one, not two, but for six whole nights, we are on cloud nine.

Thinking about it I realize this is actually the longest visit we have had from any family member since we have been married. From anyone. Ever. We definitely need more family visitors, 'cause we live for hanging with beloved out-of-towners. Is this guilt trip working? Are you all now planning a visit here real soon? Good! Immediate family, extended family, friends, long lost acquaintances, practical strangers, anybody will do. No, not really anyone. But we seriously love having loved ones come visit. We more than love it. And we have a spare bedroom and are willing to give up our bed and sleep on the floor to have you come stay. Plan your trip soon. Do it!

We will entice you with scenic canyon landscapes, trips to bear lake, long gorgeous walks, bike rides, and spectacular hikes. If that doesn't do it, than we can promise you long card games and board games and late nights visiting and laughing. We will take you shopping, and out to eat, and make sure you experience the very coolest parks logan has to offer. You know, for the kids. A stay with us practically guarantees you a walk to, through, and around the cemetery. (Trust me, its cooler than it sounds.)

You will most certainly get your hand on a tennis or badminton racquet. We have movie theaters, and bowling, and farmers markets, and a water park, great weather, no mosquitos, and most importantly laser tag. And if all that doesn't work, we will take you to gossner foods for a tour of all the cheese and milk-making wonder and we will personally see that you receive all the samples you can handle. Yes, we will bribe you with chocolate, root beer, or mango milk. Whatever suites your fancy. Also, I will bake you a cake. A cheesecake if it's your birthday. We celebrated grandmas 74th (not first, despite what the single candle indicates) with a chocolate berry one just yesterday.

I guess what I am saying is we are having a simply lovely time with the family here this weekend. We have spent our time doing most of the things listed above. We will be so sad to see them go. It's an honor to host your grandparents, you know? We feel so lucky.

Also, we love having visitors and are not above begging for the privilege.