listen to this, it will most assuredly make you cry.
Although these days, my own reaction is nothing to go by. 

This last week has been a hard kind of week.
The kind of week where it is difficult to just get out of bed in the morning.

The kind of week where it seems my body is producing a surplus of un-commissioned tears that sit patiently back behind my eyelids somewhere simply waiting to escape, teetering on the very edge of my eyelashes so I have to blink really fast and really often to push them back down.

They are suppressed like this for hours, and then they revolt, overflowing quite suddenly in response to inconsiquential little things, like commercials for life insurance or dog food (or this particular video - especially at the end).

Hence the past couple days have also found me guilty of excess over analyzing, gazing out of windows, feeling sorry for myself, and beginning but never finishing dozens of tasks/projects.

I figure just getting through the day is accomplishment enough.
Plus, on the upside, the weekend is now in sight.
Here's to a better day and a better week...

Also, on the happier side of things, today is groundhogs day.
I just discovered it and don't know quite what to do with this fact, or how to commemorate today. 
I feel as though I should probably go rent this movie, bundle up with soup & blankets and enjoy the winter that isn't very wintery at all this year.