I've learned to knit, and it's only taken me 30 years to do it!
After my 19 year old sister was knitting up a storm over the holidays, I figured it was about time. 
Not because it is a necessary life skill - for it surely is not - but simply because I have always wanted to.
Lucky for me I have a lot of knitters close to me (not in proximity, in relationship) and Ryans grandma was kind (and patient) enough to teach me.

This is what I had to show for it a few weeks later. 
I am almost embarrassed to tell you how many laborious hours (5) and different tries (4) this sad little 1/2 washcloth took me, and it still isn't finished. 
But compared to the disaster that was try #1 it is a complete masterpiece, so I'm proud. 
Project #2 was a scarf. This scarf.
It took me so long to finally complete it, but the thicker yarn and knitting needles actually made for way less mistakes. Obviously.
I like having something productive to do while watching tv, driving, being at the movies, or just talking.
I appreciate filler, no-thought-required, busy things.
It's peaceful and makes me fell very domestic.
And now look, I have this delightfully cozy scarf that in a pinch I can wrap around me 3 times, which makes my old way of bracing myself for the cold outside -- 2 completely un-matching scarfs -- utterly unnecessary now.
At first I thought I had made it too wide and had every intention of unraveling the entire thing only to start over from the beginning with a few less stitches.
But the more I wear it the more I like it just the way it is.
I am sure that the 5000 hours I would need to re-do the whole thing helped that fondness along a bit as well.