Its been awhile since my last post here at my Blog. Oh my, I even is having some memory check here since I am trying to remember the format I am using when writting. Anyway, lots of things happened to me from my last post till now. So after a few moments of battling with my thoughts, i've decided why not write something about Monthsaries.

I tried to Google the word “monthsary” and 99% of the links you will come up with  Filipino blogs.  I've seen the first link in gooogle (URBAN DICTIONARY). The first definition says that a monthsary is celebrated like an anniversary but you only celebrate it for the first eleven months of the relationship since the twelfth month is already an anniversary. 

Urban Dictionary’s third definition is even more revealing. It reads:
“Commonly used among Filipinos. Its actually supposed to be monthiversary. for some reason they use it. monthsary mean that a couple has been together for a month, thus, monthsary!”

Indeed, a monthsary seems to be a convenient way to enjoy the pleasures of celebrating a committed relationship without necessarily being committed to a long-term relationship at all.
Through monthsaries, couples can treasure romantic moments together with dinner dates, sweet gifts, mushy lines, and beautiful kisses — without actually having to plod through a whole year. It’s romance in bite-size pieces.
Nothing wrong with that. In fact, I believe that love naturally comes in bite-size pieces. It comes in short bursts of passion and heartache that consume the two parties in love. I think love, due to its fickle nature, should even be marked every day. HAHA :D
It is merely due to people’s strong wish to make things last forever that they choose to celebrate anniversaries rather than monthsaries or daysaries(Filipinos actually are inventive enough to also think of this term. Google “daysary” for proof).

For a new couple, a monthsary is important period in a relationship. Some relationship doesn’t really reach anniversaries that’s why monthsary was created. That’s why some of the people are being amazed once they knew someone who celebrated an anniversary. Big Deal Huh?! Actually, having a first monthsary is very exciting but when it was repeatedly celebrated, 12 times a year, it becomes tiring. Every month, you’ll gonna think of something special to do in your monthsary. Come to think of it, if you and your partner lasted for 3 years, imagine’ you already celebrated 36 monthsaries! There will be nothing to do in your anniversary. everything will be predictable for the next month. 
As the postmodern world speeds up each hour however, the rest of the world might eventually see the merits of monthsaries.