These sweaters have made appearances both here & here as repurposed pillows and wrapping paper, 
but my most used project has been the blue & red striped mittens fashioned from sweater #3.

I love them because they keep my hands so warm while looking so dang cute.
I wear them every day!
And they couldn't have been easier.
All I really did was trace my hand (about a 1/2 inch wider than my actual hand) right above both sleeve cuffs, then I cut out that mitten silhouette which I drew in chalk, and sewed them while turned inside out.
Easiest (only) mittens I have ever made.

** I have already lost one of these mittens on two separate occasions.
So I am seriously considering attaching them with a thin red cord or something.
You know - the kind for kids that loops through your jacket.
Would that be weird?