Well, we have big dreams, high hopes, lots of goals, and even a few resolutions.
We are standing on the cusp of big and exciting things, and it both thrills and terrifies me.
But it's definitely our year, I can feel it in my bones!

We have resolved, starting (but not ending with) this year, to do the following:
grey strips are things we are doing as a couple, colors are individual goals marked with r-ryan & l-leah

Our first date night of the new year we spent in a corner booth at rumbi's talking for hours about our visions of and for the future.
 It still thrills and surprises me that I am planning an entire future, an entire life with this man of mine. Nights like this make me feel like we are dating again.
We wrote down the things we felt were most important and doable for this year.
I've since printed this little list out & we each have a couple to use as bookmarks.
You know, as a gentle reminder.