Target Practice Target Practice

When we are in Canada, it is not unusual to slip into a complete stranger's field & do some shooting. Not unusual at all. 

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Undefined Feeling Undefined Feeling

“Nobody can define what exactly true love is. Some believe in it and many others don't. If somebody tries to define it, there will be ma...

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Extending the life of a sweater - part 2 Extending the life of a sweater - part 2

These sweaters have made appearances both  here & here  as repurposed pillows and wrapping paper,  but my most used project has been th...

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We built a house... We built a house...

It was a sugar cube house. We built it for the Parade of Gingerbread homes here in Logan. I guess someone who had been selected to participa...

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Weekending Weekending

a birthday celebration cook-off, Iron Chef style breakfast out with friends here snow! finally. treasure hunt with/for our primary class rea...

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The most delicious thing I've ever eaten. Ever. The most delicious thing I've ever eaten. Ever.

Sometimes Ryan works late. And then I get a craving for something sweet. So I go in search of little cake recipes, find one , and use that r...

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And what of 2012? And what of 2012?

Well, we have big dreams, high hopes, lots of goals, and even a few resolutions. We are standing on the cusp of big and exciting things, and...

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2011 - the highlights 2011 - the highlights

2012 has been a pretty big year for us.  A pretty big and pretty great year. So, a monthly play-by-play in pictures and bullet points has be...

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A morning in bed. A morning in bed.

Without the buzzing of an alarm, I woke up this morning. Actually, I woke up to what I thought was the sound of my husband walking through t...

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Christmas gifts - We made some stuff Christmas gifts - We made some stuff

This year it was all handmade/re-gifting for the holidays. Because I don't keep a lot of unnecessaries around the house, for me that mea...

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