It’s Christmastime It’s Christmastime

Yahooooooooooooo!!!! I'm back to bloggin' & Holidays are now officially on ..     My real Christmas vacation started last frida...

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About Busy-ness About Busy-ness

found here We'll be beginning today.  We are driving all day on our way to Canada for the Holidays. We've planned to do a whole lot ...

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What I Probably Miss Most What I Probably Miss Most

Is riding tandem on our little scooter, affectionately known as put-put, through the streets of Switzerland. With the sun usually setting, ...

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Verona Verona

You know what can feel overwhelming?  Trying to document three months of living and traveling around Europe, that's what. And so, as I t...

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Christmas Lights Christmas Lights

We got home from Europe and landed smack dab in the middle of the Christmas season. The best of all seasons is really nice to come home to. ...

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