Pie Party Pie Party

Last Monday we had a friendly gathering around a campfire eating pie. It was both casual and delicio...

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In Memory of Grandma Remington At 5:50 yesterday evening, in the comfort of her cherished home of 60...

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disaster averted! disaster averted!

This is the remains of my usb drive.  The one that was almost smashed to death mid-thesis writing. I...

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coffee table revival coffee table revival

About 5 years ago, when we first got married, we inherited this coffee table from my sister. It'...

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Thesis my life. Thesis my life.

This is where I have been holed up for the past two weeks.  Living, eating, drinking, sleeping, &...

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A week that went by in a single blink. A week that went by in a single blink.

photo taken from  nearby rooftop  Oh this week, you must have been the absolute fastest & busies...

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Weekend in pictures Weekend in pictures

My sister came up for the weekend. I think it was the funnest conference weekend by far. Probably b...

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