Memorial Day Memorial Day

We woke up to snow this morning. Just 2 days before June.  Here's proof: But we determined not to let that spoil our day. Instead of pic...

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No words! No words!

There are no words for how delicious this snack is. If you are my husband you will find it incredibly weird. If you are me you will be consu...

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A little slice of penny-pie! A little slice of penny-pie!

I can't get over the perfection of this flawless complexion, these adorably chubby one-year-old rolls, and unbelievable blue eyes. You k...

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It looks like rain. It looks like rain.

Proof that the rainy & cold trend persists here in Logan. It's easy to get bummed out with all this rain. Instead I like to think ho...

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Baby Portraits Baby Portraits

Every time I do a little photo shoot, I realize how very much I still have to learn. I always see about a million mistakes I'd like to d...

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patio update patio update

Due to summer classes (tragic, I know) we're not making as much progress on project patio as I had hoped. If we get it all finished by...

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Pallets can be furniture... I think. Pallets can be furniture... I think.

So, as it turns out, patio furniture is expensive. Like could feed a small country expensive. Especially when you are shopping for it at the...

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Busy is about the right word. Busy is about the right word.

This past week I have: Written 50 pages of final papers. Finished spring semester. Celebrated graduation with friends. Helped other friends ...

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