tasty bites! tasty bites!

When (it seems) there is no food in the house, and we have nothing planned for dinner, we tend to ge...

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Ah fear, my old friend. Ah fear, my old friend.

"I’ve been absolutely terrified every moment of my life -  and I’ve never let it keep me from d...

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Our newest addition is... Our newest addition is...

   ... this 2006 Hyundai Elantra. We have nicknamed her Ellie for short. And we might just be consid...

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Drawer liners Drawer liners

Two of my D.I. finds have finally met! They literally had a connection... as in some serious mod pod...

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Say love with tiffin! Say love with tiffin!

When I was a camp counselor we used to gather outside to eat our lunch. The kids would each bring th...

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St. Pat's St. Pat's

I am such a sucker for holidays - even St. Patrick's day. It was the first holiday Ryan and I ce...

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5 years saw us... 5 years saw us...

Tromping through snow over 8 feet deep. Picnicking in the frozen mountains. Boiling our bodies in a ...

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Freshening up (the office) Freshening up (the office)

Our closet needed a little  lot of work.  Our office, much like harry potter , has long been confine...

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Anniversaries are so lovely! Especially when they include snowshoeing, winter picnics, and long soak...

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5 years merried! 5 years merried!

5 years ago today, at this exact time & in this very special place , surrounded by our very clos...

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write it down so I don't forget. write it down so I don't forget.

Image found here . And now I am dreaming of sitting in the shade of a large tree. the grass tickling...

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A wee gift from the gods. A wee gift from the gods.

And from my husband. Sometimes he finds little treasures along his path, and he always knows just wh...

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A couple things I am loving A couple things I am loving

this skirt. It couldn't be more perfect. And it has pockets! And because clearly I am obsessed with good  unique use of closet space, ...

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Happy thoughts. Happy thoughts.

not only do I love this thought, but I completely love  this  print. (I'm sad to say it's so...

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