Good morning orange! Good morning orange!

Ryan's grandparents stopped by for a quick visit on their way home from Arizona this weekend. -...

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Wedding details I am loving! Wedding details I am loving!

  LOVE - LOVE - LOVE -the grooms tie {slender & grey} -the brides boots  {couldn't be mo...

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They tied the knot. They tied the knot.

It's official,  they are now known as Mr. & Mrs. Remington! Details coming soon.

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It wasn't murder it was suicide! It wasn't murder it was suicide!

Or so my husband keeps exclaiming to all who ask.  (Clearly this deer had fatal intentions.) This ...

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Lovebirds have flown the coop! Lovebirds have flown the coop!

These two are long gone.  Sunning on the sandy beaches of Mexico. I still can't believe how well...

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My brother is hitched! My brother is hitched!

First brother {very successfully} down. Only three more to go!!

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There's been a Murder! There's been a Murder!

It was this guys birthday last week. And we celebrated in style! In murder mystery style. Location: ...

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Valentines Day 2011 Valentines Day 2011

So, besides this , Valentines day also brought with it some sweets, some hearts, and of course some ...

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That's Amore! That's Amore!

Lady & the Tram p clearly proves that n othing quite says love like dining over a plate of shared spaghetti and meatballs. And so Ryan c...

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Happy super-bowl sunday! Happy super-bowl sunday!

This coming from the polar opposite of a football fan. But every so often I like to surprise my husb...

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The fruits of his labor The fruits of his labor

Today I am fully enjoying the fruits of our  hubbies' labors. When a  while back  we received bu...

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Girls Night (x2) Girls Night (x2)

These lovely ladies came to stay this past weekend. Us girls monopolized the house while Ryan did gu...

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