I have turned in my final paper.
Taken my last exam.
Presented my final presentation.
Submitted my thesis for printing and binding.
Signed my last form and attended my last meeting.
I have defended and I have passed.
And it all feels like such a relief.

So how did I spend my first official day being done?
At school of course.
Just savoring all that school-ness without any of the anxiety.
A novel feeling indeed!
I met my husband for our old on-campus favorite, the marvin joe.
(warm asiago bread, garlic butter, tomatoes, vinegar, and a slice of provolone, toasted)
Sold back our old textbooks.
And turned in what could potentially be my very last paper. Ever.

It feels completely amazing, but also a little sad.
Because I love school.
To the point that I may have even gotten a little teary walking through old main yesterday.
That old brick building in which I have attended most of my classes.
I'm excited to be done but that doesn't mean I won't miss it.