Sounds like a big deal right? Yet, somehow, feels oh-so-anti climatic. Just another day. Wake up feel the same. Look in the mirror, look the same. Just one day older, just like any other day.
I feel like insignificant about this nineteen years 

 Did i really accomplish anything significant during this time?? Did I waste away my childhood? I don't know I hope not. There's so much that I've thought about doing, that i've wanted to do.

at the same time, there's a lof of stuff that i did do. Stuff that I might not have originally conceived of doing, of being capable of doing - and found myself able. That's kind of empowering.

Everyday is a new day. an open canvas, free to limitless possibilities. Bursting at the seams with potential , waiting for my magic to be drawn out. 

This year i'll make it my year- better and better, everyday, day by day.

this year i'll try harder , i'll work harder, i'll play harder. I'll find that motivation that i've lost. I'll rediscover 

myself who wandered astray., i'll get up off my ass and make things happen instead of lazing around in bouts  of wishful thinking. 


And know what? I'm inviting you to join me in making this year a brilliant year. NO day like today to start. So, who's going to take up the challenge? WHO'S WITH ME?