Yesterday was like a crazy string of halloween miracles!

1. First, I rushed home with candy just in time for the very first trick-or-treaters of the night.

2. Then, because chili is the most halloween-y of all food, naturally we were making a wendy's run to pick some up when lo & behold our friends came strolling around the corner with proffers of chili and donuts. Donuts being the second most halloween-y of all food. It was all so perfectly delightful!

3. Later, as we are basking in the perfectly halloween-ness of our feast, I turned to Ryan & asked if we should run and see if hocus pocus was available to rent anywhere. What do you think was the first thing on as soon as we flipped on our TV? Yep, hocus pocus was just beginning.

Our complete unpreparedness for the holiday did nothing to stifle halloween from coming.
To top it all off we had the most trick-or-treaters we've ever had, which made me inordinately happy.
And, lucky for us, we decorated pumpkins on October first, way back during conference
so we were not pumpkin-less.

I don't think these happenings were mere coincidence, or due to luck or to halloween magic, I count these little blessings as tender mercies from the Lord who knew that they would mean quite a lot to me.