"He holds every part of me
In his gentle, caring hands
He could crush me 
Instead he just builds 
Our relationship
Until it's unbreakable, and unstoppable "

Every girls is searching for the man of her dreams. He will kiss you with sweet tender kisses and make your mind and trouble leave for awhile. Give you a walk on a beach while holding your hands. He will write you a song and cuddle you when you're asleep. Dance in a romantic place with the man who makes you laugh. Will listen to you while you're sharing the pain. Who would hold you tight and make you feel that what they said is a lie. CAN YOU FIND HIM BEFORE TIME RUNS OUT???

 I'm so sick having a relationship with pathetic losers who doesn't know how to treat me correctly. I want a well brought up man, YAH!!! i find it attractive when he can act mature. I don't care if he doesn't drive as long as i know that he loves me. 
I'm actually looking for a man who would tell me that "I WANNA LOVE YOU UNTIL MY LAST BREATH" instead of "I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER"
Yes! I believe there's no such thing as FOREVER, we girls just build it in our head and we always end up like a broken-glass.

 I wish that person can be my best friend. That way I won’t be afraid to tell him everything and express my true self.  We can do the dumbest thing, be silly, laugh and sharing our happiness/ unhappiness together because we know that we will be there for each other no matter what.

I don't want a guy that takes life seriously. I have a sense of humor and I wanna enjoy life. I don't want a guy who will give me diamonds. I'm not a gold digger! I'm seeking for love. DUHH!!!. I don't want a guy that looks like tom cruise, looks aren't everything for me.I dont want a guy who actually flirt with someone even they're not single. It’s shallow and disrespectful. They’ve gotten to where they are in the relationship from a long way and have been through so much, so they don’t deserve the extra bullshit coming from you trying to ruin their relationship. Flirt all you want, but with someone who is actually single.

I want to be with someone who’s willing to fight for me and what we have. I want them to be able to prove that they’re not going to run away when things get rough. It’s a pain in the ass when you’re putting your all into something, and the other person isn’t trying. And that’s why I want someone who’s going to try just as much as I do. I just want someone who’s going to prove to me they want this just as much as I do.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to be with anyone else, but this right here is what needed for a relationship to work. We can’t ignore the problems thinking it’ll be all better through time, if you have unsolved conflicts shit is just going to build up and brought back during a bigger argument. Unsolved problems are the firing weapon for an even bigger argument in the future.