Ryan was out of town on a boys trip this weekend.
So that left me on my own to enjoy:

1. lots of bike riding
2. these pumpkin pie cupcakes, with whipped cream
3. totting my camera everywhere
4. being car-less
(I really love this, I'm thinking about retiring our car keys this month.)
5. sketching in the cemetery as the sun set
6. catching up on homework

It's always sad to say goodbye to hubs, but I quickly remembered how much I ridiculously love being alone. It was pure bliss to have an entire weekend on my own to enjoy it.
I feel so much more myself by myself than I do with anyone else.
Probably because I can really listen to myself think without constantly considering the needs/wants of everyone around me, and all the quite that comes with it.
Life can get pretty noisy and it's easy to forget how much I enjoy my own company.
And that I need to make time for it, this much needed quality time with myself.
So this weekend was all loveliness.
But I'm glad to have Ryan home, (*relatively) safe and sound.

*there was a four-wheeling accident that has hubs a little sore,
a little wounded, and getting a little bit spoiled by me.