There was a birthday. There was a birthday.

It included a breakfast in bed. An Italian dinner out. A lemon poppyseed birthday cake with raspberry curd filling.  A birthday candle. And ...

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Mexico, part one Mexico, part one

A girls trip... It's been talked about, discussed, put off, postponed, dreamed about, anticipated, and finally realized. And there is ju...

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Birthday wishes. Birthday wishes.

Obviously my gift this year was Mexico (thanks lovey). Don't adventures make the very best gifts?  But that didn't stop me from pinn...

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Girls Birthday Bash Girls Birthday Bash

29 never looked so good! Today I'm flying off to join the girls of my family as we celebrate the upcoming 3-0. Certainly these coming da...

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A (pretty big) birthday on the horizon. A (pretty big) birthday on the horizon.

In exactly twelve days, I will be leaving behind my 20’s forever. It is a sad realization seeing as how my 20's have been so awfully kin...

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And the thunder rolled And the thunder rolled

As it was nearing 11 o'clock last night I entered our bedroom to commence with the usual pre-bedtime rituals. Opening the window allows ...

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backdrop of an evening walk. backdrop of an evening walk.


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Camping Extravaganza Camping Extravaganza

Extravaganza because we went for three nights and in the company of a few dear friends. It was our longest tent camping trip to date, and so...

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