The hubs and I were wondering if any other states have invented and executed their own holiday.
Here in Utah they have - July 24th, otherwise known as pioneer day.
It's a lovely chance to hang out with family, watch parades & fireworks, picnic & hike,
and think of all those who have come before. 

perfect parade day - cloudy & overcast.

oklahoma cousins chilling pre-parade.

my cute cousin eve. precious!

uncle bruce sketching away as the parade carried on.

the whole crew parading it up.

i think ryan made a new bff in our cousin elle.
they walked, hiked, played, and sang together all day. it was adorably sweet.

courageous climbers en route.

 the adorable modern day pioneer children.

protecting ourselves from the rain during the fireworks.

Days like today reawaken me to the wondrous blessing that is family, both immediate & extended.
So glad we live in a state that allows us to see so much of both.
Lucky us!