Day of the pioneers Day of the pioneers

The hubs and I were wondering if any other states have invented and executed their own holiday. Here in Utah they have - July 24th, otherwis...

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A near perfect day. A near perfect day.

If I could script a perfect day, it would look an awful lot like today. starting with some morning farmers market browsing. we arrived with ...

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To our unwelcome house guests - you know who you are! To our unwelcome house guests - you know who you are!

. Can I be frank? I would appreciate it if you could please stop coming into my house. It is intrusive and annoying. You are unwelcome! Have...

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Summer days & nights Summer days & nights

I spend my days counting down the hours till Ryan comes home. That's when all the action happens (no, that is not a euphemism - get your...

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Fourth of July Fourth of July

We flew home on July fourth (our first date-iversary), picked up our car, drove home, and then made impromptu plans to celebrate the indepen...

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And there was a wedding too. And there was a wedding too.

bus ride from luncheon to reception. how I looked for most of the day. the wedding party. the family. This wedding was, in fact, the whole r...

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