Due to summer classes (tragic, I know) we're not making as much progress on project patio as I had hoped.
If we get it all finished by the end of May I will be thrilled!
So that is the new official, publicly-declared-via-blogger deadline - you can hold us to it.
But because the end of May seems so very far away, here are the bits of progress that are keeping me satiated and hopeful about our future summer in the sun on our very own patio.

We cut all those pallets down the middle to better fit our miniature sized patio dwelling (from 4' to 2').
 And we're still playing around with the exact layout/arrangement.
They function kind of like custom modular furniture, and we keep moving them about.
We also bought some pretty blue cushions to sit on top, I just haven't captured them on film yet.
I'm still working up my energy for all the sanding & painting that awaits. 
I think it all just might work!
Fancy that.