And from my husband.
Sometimes he finds little treasures along his path, and he always knows just what I would appreciate.
For instance, he stumbled upon this little treasure today.

 And because he loves me, he tucked it away and carried it home.
He knew I would love it (so sweet & thoughtful, no?) and I really do!
It's been distracting me for well over an hour.

After determining that it could not be cared for and hatched (it was already cold when husband found it.)
I washed it. Blew out the insides. Washed it again. Dried it.
Then I placed it atop our smallest candle stick holder so as to better enjoy its beauty.
Placed it in the office where I have been cleaning trying not to be distracted
by the magic of a perfectly hollow robin's egg.

 It's so fragile and soft and perfect.
I can't help smiling just thinking about it in my house.
And then I have to go look at it again, just to see for myself it is real, and still here (it is.)

It's a much better gift than jewelry.
It is my new favorite thing and is making me inordinately happy.

. . .

Any ideas on how to display it?